NoVA Playlabs

Our Mission is to create a place that meets the needs of the whole child.

PLAY: We are serious about play because play is important for children. We all know that play fosters imagination and creativity, and purposeful play can teach kids things while they are having fun. From the exhibits we have in the Playarea to the board games we play, each item has been chosen carefully with an educational purpose in mind.

LEARN: We believe that effective learning can take place when presented in a dynamic format. Our instructors are highly qualified and enthusiastic about what they teach.

GIVE: NoVA PlayLabs is an innovative learning center that cares as much as learning as it does about giving back to the community. Any student enrolled in a class, regardless of age, can participate in service projects where they help various service organizations in the community.

In business since April, '15

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NoVA Playlabs